Welcome to the world of SWISSPLATE® – vibration plate technology that shapes the fitness experience by combining user-friendly design with numerous health benefits. Based on over 10 years of experience and continuous development, our equipment is constantly being improved with the mission to make your daily workout as efficient and easy as possible.


Vibration Plates

SWISSPLATE® – The innovation for fitness efficiency. Combine your daily workout with SWISSPLATE® and experience improved circulation, muscle strength and flexibility. The versatile vibrations target multiple muscle groups simultaneously and provide an efficient workout that not only enhances your daily routine, but also reduces cellulite and promotes bone density. Discover the benefits of our powerful proven vibration plates.

SWISSPLATE® vibration plates


Experience the ultimate vibration workout with the patented dual-motor SWISSPLATE® WR4021!
Choose from five vibrant shades or types to suit your individual style and personality.

SWISSPLATE® moves you

An active lifestyle has never been as accessible and enjoyable as it is today. With SWISSPLATE® you can maintain your physical vitality and resilience without losing the wisdom of age. Because for us, age is just a number on your path to sustainable health and fitness.

SWISSPLATE® – your efficient partner for fitness and health

Affordable & Easy

SWISSPLATE® offers an outstanding price-performance ratio for daily vibration-supported workouts at home. Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily and conveniently stored practically anywhere.

Powerful & Efficient

Proven technology packed into a powerful device that can be easily integrated into your training routine. SWISSPLATE® works with whole-body vibration to effectively improve muscle tone and boost metabolism.