Accessories for water rowing machines


BODYSWISS® ChlorTaps are perfect for the care of water rowing machines up to 25 liters. The highly concentrated tabs with the active ingredient; CUSO4 prevent algae formation and provide a hygienic environment. Simply add a tab to the tank every 30-45 days. The water only needs to be changed when dirty. Each pack contains 6 tabs of 1 gram each, securely wrapped in aluminum foil. Keep your device clean and hygienic with ChlorTaps for an optimal training experience.

Easy and safe to use

how to use ChlorTaps 1

1. Please use scissors to open the packaging and make sure that you only expose one compartment of the packaging.

how to use ChlorTaps 2

2. Remove the lid and throw a tablet through the opening into the water tank.

how to use ChlorTaps 3

3. Close the lid on the water tank of the rowing machine and make sure that it is tightly closed.

how to use ChlorTaps 4

4. Press the pull strap a few times so that the tablet can dissolve quickly. Note: The water in the tank may become slightly discolored or cloudy for a short time.

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6 Tablets

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10 g

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L 7 cm x W 4 cm x H 0.5 cm

Wellness for your rowing machine

Using BODYSWISS® ChlorTaps is child’s play: add one tab to the tank of your water rowing machine every 30-45 days. It dissolves completely within 30 minutes and protects the water. The water only needs to be changed if it is contaminated, as the active ingredient CUSO4 degrades slowly, the water can be disposed of as normal. Please note that fresh tabs can cloud the water slightly, but it will quickly become clear again.

Blue like the ocean

As an alternative, you can also choose a refreshing blue ambience with BODYSWISS® BlueWaterAdd. Please note that a water change is always necessary before changing the active ingredient.

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